Group Classes to practice with distractions!

Classes at the beautiful Holly Ridge Manor allow your dog to practice their skills with the distractions of other dogs playing, golf carts, horses, and any of the woodland creatures that might decide to join our class! With outdoor classes, you will be set up to impress your friends and neighbors with your dogs incredible training by practicing with the same distractions you will find on your daily walks. Group class is a great place to get started with your dogs training or improve on certain skills.

BRRRR! It’s getting cold outside! Classes will resume in March with new classes and options!! 

For more information about Holly Ridge Manor please visit their site

Fantastic Fido Series!

Start here with a new pup or 5 month old baby dog, who is ready to learn how to become a Fantastic Fido! Foundations include focus, sit, down, stay, place, and introduction to loose leash walking and recalls.

Learn how to have your dog rush back to you no matter what distractions are around! Give your pup more freedom knowing they will come back to you.

Work on skills needed to take your pup anywhere and not have to stress about how they will behave. We will mimic going to a cafe with friends, walking through crowds, and other things you may encounter in the city. This is a great class for those looking to take a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog Test.

You and your dog can impress your friends with their loose leash walking skills! Have your dog walking with you as if you do not have a leash at all!

Do you have a pup that gets overly excited to meet new people or one who is a little apprehensive around crowds? Come out to a set up to practice meeting friendly strangers without having to bribe your friends. Contact me to make sure this is an appropriate class for you and your pup.

The weather is not always the best for walking your dog. Learn some new ways to work out with your 4 legged friend so you can both stay happy and healthy during the tough weather months.

Extra Offerings!

Give your puppy a safe and fun place to socialize and explore the big new world they live in! Research has shown that a well socialized puppy, is a more confident and social adult. Get your pup started off right! Available to pups 9 weeks to 5 months. Vet records are required for every visit, to make sure all required vaccines are up to date.

Socializing is not all about running and playing off leash. Having a dog who can walk through the neighborhood with friends allows both you and your dog to hang out with friends more often. Come out with other dog loving folks to practice walking in a group, or practice your new training skills without your neighbors thinking you are crazy! This is great for shy dogs or practicing new skills in a friendly environment!