Beginning your training journey with Group Dog Training Classes!

You saw his pleading eyes in the shelter or finally brought home that adorable puppy you have been waiting for. You love him and want to do everything you can to make him an awesome family member. Training classes are the logical next step!

“I wish he wouldn’t jump on the neighbors”

“He just doesn’t listen outside of the house, when other dogs are around!”

If either of these sound like your situation, let me help!

Start here with group classes!

At the Freckled Paw we use a series of games to teach your dog concepts that will carry through his entire life. This fun and effective approach will teach your dog to love learning, and you to love training, while developing a dog who just “gets it!”

Using modern, effective and fun methods help your pup want to do what you ask them, even with other people and dogs around! Classes held at Holly Ridge Manor also offers their own distractions of horses, golf carts, a plethora of other dogs, and occasionally a herd of deer! These outdoor classes offer you the opportunity for training in a more challenging environment than a boring indoor space. This gives you the chance to really make sure your dog knows the skills to be successful anywhere!

Work through our Obedience Levels with a new dog, or join one of our 3 week “extra” sessions for a chance to practice particular skills your pup maybe struggling with. Check out all our group options below!
Not sure which class to start?  Contact me today!

For more information about Holly Ridge Manor please visit their site

Basic Obedience in Levels!

Don’t get left behind in a training group when life happens, or get stuck repeating things your dog is good at while you wait for “graduation day!” Levels training lets you move forward when you are ready to make the skills more difficult! With all the levels in one class, you can see what the finished behavior will look like, and make good training decisions for your dog! Games in class allow for all levels of learning to be successful, and makes training fun and easy to understand.
Purchase a package of sessions and come to group class when it fits in your schedule.

Got a trip planned this Saturday? No problem, hop back into class next week!

Know you need lots of training? Come to class every week for lots of practice, or pair your level class with one of the Fantastic Fido Series classes to move your skills along faster!!
Every dog will begin in Level 1, once you have mastered the tasks in that level you and your dog will graduate to the next level and begin working on the next set of skills. No set timeline, no comparing to others in class, just you and your dog learning how to work together!


Get to know the skills required for a well behaved pup. We will cover clicker basics, Sit, Down, Go to Mat, Name Game and basic leash handling skills. All dogs will start here!

!Now that you know the skills you need, lets make it harder! Learn about keeping your dog successful as you make the skills more difficult. We will add in Come when called, Stay, and “leave it”.

Add distance and duration to the things your pup already knows. We will also work on polite greeting behavior and leash walking. In this level your pup should be able to reliably complete all behaviors in public!

Getting ready for AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. All behaviors should be reliable in many different situations!

Fantastic Fido Series!

Start on those rock solid stays with distractions. Teach your pup the skills needed to stay inside an open door, know how to go lay down and stay there, and how to just chill out while you are visiting with friends.

Learn how to have your dog rush back to you no matter what distractions are around! Give your pup more freedom knowing they will come back to you.

Work on skills needed to take your pup anywhere and not have to stress about how they will behave. We will mimic going to a cafe with friends, walking through crowds, and other things you may encounter in the city. This is a great class for those looking to take a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog Test.

You and your dog can impress your friends with their loose leash walking skills! Have your dog walking with you as if you do not have a leash at all!

Do you have a pup that gets overly excited to meet new people or one who is a little apprehensive around crowds? Come out to a set up to practice meeting friendly strangers without having to bribe your friends. Contact me to make sure this is an appropriate class for you and your pup.

The weather is not always the best for walking your dog. Learn some new ways to work out with your 4 legged friend so you can both stay happy and healthy during the tough weather months.

Extra Offerings!

Give your puppy a safe and fun place to socialize and explore the big new world they live in! Research has shown that a well socialized puppy, is a more confident and social adult. Get your pup started off right! Available to pups 9 weeks to 5 months. Vet records are required for every visit, to make sure all required vaccines are up to date.

Socializing is not all about running and playing off leash. Having a dog who can walk through the neighborhood calmly allows both you and your dog to hang out with friends more often. Come out with other dog loving folks to practice walking in a group, or practice your new training skills without your neighbors thinking you are crazy! This is great for shy dogs or practicing new skills in a friendly environment!