Private Dog Training: A training experience customized to match your needs

When you decided to bring a dog into your family, you imagined pup laying by the fireplace chewing a bone while you relaxed in the evening, and walking the kiddos to the bus stop together each morning.

Except that your reality is avoiding the embarrassment of walking your dog, and constantly telling your dog to go lay down because you can’t hear your kids over the dog barking.

This is an all too common scenario. Thankfully, there is a solution! Let me help.
By using scientifically proven methods, I can help you have fun with your dog while also teaching boundaries and rules! In home sessions are great for people who have erratic schedules or those who are unsure that a group class will be helpful for them. Instruction is personalized and addresses the behaviors you are struggling with, in a fun and effective way.

Saying hello to people politely

We’ll begin with a Consultation Appointment

Each new client looking for in home sessions will start with a consultation to ensure that the training goals for you and your dog are clearly identified. This helps to make sure we are working together for the wellbeing of your canine companion, and meeting the goals that you have set. This appointment is held in your home, where your dog is most comfortable, and we can accurately address his behavior.
Consultations are typically an hour and a half, to make sure I have all the information I need to develop an appropriate training plan to match your unique needs. This time is also spent making sure all of your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the proposed training plan and identifying the equipment needed to have successful training sessions.
To ensure that I am able to schedule all of my clients appropriately and in a timely fashion, consultation fees are required upon scheduling. You will also be asked to fill out a brief form to allow me to gather some important information before we meet. Fees are set for locations 35 miles from 23323, travel fees may apply outside that service area. Travel restrictions may also apply for routes that involve the HRBT or MMBT.

Additional Training

During the Consultation we can discuss which package of sessions would be best suited for your unique situation. Each training session is typically 45 mins to an hour long, as to not overwhelm you or your pup with new information and make sure we are clear with goals that should be met prior to our next visit. Sessions are typically scheduled one to two weeks to apart depending on your unique situation and how your pup is progressing with his homework.

With my new scheduling program, you have control of when we meet. If you are like most people and your schedule is constantly changing, you don’t have to worry about being locked into the same time every week. Schedule appointments that work for you!

Prices are for sessions scheduled in the Hampton Roads area or Knott’s Island, NC. Travel charges may apply for distances outside of this area. To allow us to fulfill the goals you have for your pup, some sessions maybe scheduled at Holly Ridge Manor or other dog friendly areas.

We know that training doesn’t end when the trainer leaves your house. With the purchase of additional sessions you also have access to Group Walks or Field Time, video review between sessions, and an exclusive support group to talk to others who have walked in your shoes.

Group Walks are a great way to practice your skills in a new, dog-friendly environment and meet new friends who may also be struggling with their pups behavior. These are very casual meetings to allow you a chance to work on skills in a non-judgemental environment. These sessions are great for people who are ready to use the public for their training sessions, but asking your friends to help with dog training is difficult (and awkward, I know!)

Packages to Meet Your Needs:

Package Name What’s Included? Price
Basic Overview or Getting Started *4 1-hour Coaching Sessions $275
Manners and Reactive Dogs *6 1-hour Coaching Sessions $490
Advanced Training and Behavior Projects *10 1-hour Coaching Sessions $730

This little guy worked really hard to earn his Canine Good Citizen Certification with In-home training

Day Training or Board and Train.

Day Training is a great option for those who have specific goals for their pet but may need a more experienced hand to assist in reaching those goals, or those who would like to speed up their pup’s training. Depending on your goals, day training consists of a predetermined number of one hour sessions a week with me, and enough transfer sessions to allow you to feel comfortable with moving forward on your own. If you are not home during the day, we can arrange day training to be done at one of two local doggy daycare facilities. Additional day care charges apply.

Board and Train is an option for already existing clients. Sometimes behavior modification can hit that brick wall, where we are no longer seeing progress. Having your pup stay with me and my family, can help me better pinpoint the root of the problem and give your pup a restart on reaching your goals. Certain conditions and stipulations apply before this option will be offered.